GoldWrite Publishing LLC is a small press independent publisher. The mission is to produce quality books and films that both reflect the human experience and “feeds the human soul.” GoldWrite Publishing LLC strives to build a community that also honors family, celebrates multiculturalism, and develops literacy.  For writers, GoldWrite Publishing, LLC offers ghostwriting, screenwriting, and editing services that empower ordinary people to establish their voice by telling extraordinary stories.

Meet the Founder

Ashea Goldson, an Atlanta transplant and founder of GoldWrite Publishing LLC and published author since 2002, has a strong connection with writing. Since she was a young child growing up in New York City, she has always had a vivid imagination which fueled her fascination with writing stories. After writing for school publications throughout middle and high school, she continued to hone her skills in college. She received a BA in Communications from Fordham University in the Bronx, New York. She has also earned an MA degree in English /Secondary Teacher Education from The University of Phoenix. After dedicating herself to her family and her students for many years, Ashea eventually returned to her passion-writing.

As a Christian fiction novelist, Ashea has written many published works including The Lovechild, Joy Comes In The Morning, Count It All Joy, Let Joy Arise, Scorched, and When Kingdom Comes. Within her writing, flawed characters take the forefront allowing for an inspirational yet relatable message. Through GoldWrite she has published many other books as well, including Resurrecting The Real Me, His Mother’s Bosom, and numerous children’s books.

Ashea established GoldWrite Publishing to build a community of talented writers in order to produce a collection of multicultural, inspirational fiction, non- fiction and films. She also wanted to write and edit the same kind of “soul stirring stories” for others.

As an English teacher for over twenty five years, Ashea has exercised her love of literature and the arts through instructing her students. While writing and producing numerous stage plays for her students, Ashea’s interest in drama and screenwriting was cultivated. In 2009, Ashea wrote and produced her first short film, Searching for the Right Thing, through GoldWrite’s affiliate, Asheagold Productions. Although she is currently pursuing the role of filmmaker and writer extraordinaire, she continues to be an English teacher and advocate of literacy.




If you feel the call to write and would like to become one of our authors, please consider the following:
Email inquiries are welcome at:
We are currently accepting manuscripts for the following genres: Christian fiction (Women’s, suspense or romance), Christian and/or Inspirational non-fiction, and Young adult fiction.
Novel Manuscript word count- Range of approximately 40,000-50,000 words. Manuscript pages-Range of 150-200 pages.

***We are also accepting stories with shorter word count-Range of 50-100 pages

  • Please submit a one page synopsis and the first three chapters of the manuscript.
  • Submissions should be typed, not handwritten and double spaced, using a size 12 font (Times Roman ,Arial, or courier).
  • The cover page should contain the author’s name,address, phone number,email address and the title of the submission.
  • Please allow one to three months from the date of submission for a response. The full manuscript should not be submitted unless requested.



Screenwriting Let us help you write that script.
Ghostwriting – Let us write that manuscript or script for you.
Songwriting-Let us write sensational lyrics for you.
Poetry writing-Let us write a custom poem for you or your loved one.
Monologues– Let us write you a killer monologue for your audition or event.
Editing– Let us do the copyediting and/or substantive editing on your manuscript or script.
Contact us at for a quote.