GoldWrite Publishing, “the gold standard of Christian entertainment”, produces quality Christian books and films that inspire testimonies of faith. For consumers, GoldWrite strives to build a community that celebrates individuality, welcomes worship, and develops literacy. For prospective submitters and employees, GoldWrite offers a positive publishing environment that fosters creativity and empowers ordinary people to establish their voice with extraordinary stories.


If you feel the call to write and would like to become one of our authors, please consider the following:
Email inquiries are welcome at:
We are currently accepting manuscripts for the following genres: Christian fiction (Women’s, suspense or romance), Christian and/or Inspirational non-fiction, and Young adult fiction.
Novel Manuscript word count- Range of approximately 40,000-50,000 words. Manuscript pages-Range of 150-200 pages.

***We are also accepting stories with shorter word count-Range of 50-100 pages

  • Please submit a one page synopsis and the first three chapters of the manuscript.
  • Submissions should be typed, not handwritten and double spaced, using a size 12 font (Times Roman ,Arial, or courier).
  • The cover page should contain the author’s name,address, phone number,email address and the title of the submission.
  • Please allow one to three months from the date of submission for a response. The full manuscript should not be submitted unless requested.


Screenwriting Let us help you write that script.
Ghostwriting – Let us write that manuscript or script for you.
Songwriting-Let us write sensational lyrics for you.
Poetry writing-Let us write a custom poem for you or your loved one.
Monologues– Let us write you a killer monologue for your audition or event.
Editing– Let us do the copyediting and/or substantive editing on your manuscript or script.
Contact us at for a quote.